The technique behind temporary email addresses

The technique behind temporary email addresses
Published in : 17 May 2022

The technique behind temporary email addresses

Everyone has an email address. Whether it's to stay connected at work, with business clients, reach friends or colleagues. An email address is like a digital passport. Nearly 99% of the applications and services we connect to today require an email address for authentication. So do most loyalty cards, discounts, promotional offers and more...

We all appreciate having an email address, but receiving tons of junk mail, spam and other junk emails every day is unpleasant. Moreover, it's not uncommon for online store databases to be hacked, exposing your business email address to various risks, especially the risk of ending up in a dedicated spam list. Not to mention that none of your actions on the Internet are truly 100% private. That's why you need to protect your contact identity, your email address and the best way to do that is to use a disposable email address.

What is a disposable email address?
Recently, I observed a higher than usual bounce rate on my last email box which was full. Afterwards, I realized that this increase of users (or bots) connecting to my services were hiding their real identities by using disposable email addresses.

Technically, disposable email addresses are an approach where the user with a unique email address gets a temporary address for his current contact address. The disposable email address allows for the creation of an email address that passes the necessary verification steps to register with services and sites, without disclosing its true identity.

If a disposable email address is compromised or reported to a provider's abuse services, the owner can delete it without impacting other contacts. With a temporary email, you can receive emails from the fake email accounts to your real email addresses for a pre-configured period of time. The fake email address is simply an email relay, a temporarily configured and self-destructing email address.

Why would you need a fake email address?
You may have noticed that services such as Amazon Premium, Hulu or Netflix offer limited time trial offers. If you are still determined to use their services, all you need is a disposable email address, click here... to get one. Technically, you can extend your trial offer with a different email address linked to your real email account after the first offer expires.

An online or real life reseller tends to ask you for an email address to take advantage of great offers. However, this ends up in a deluge of unwanted promotional emails that you could avoid. A temporary email address makes it easier to stop these irritating messages you keep receiving.

Technically, the idea of using a temporary email address brings to mind hackers (Black Hat) or unsavory areas of the Internet (Deep Web), but there are compelling reasons to use fake email services.

If you're wondering what the reasons might be for using a disposable email address, here are a few:

Store loyalty card membership:
If you don't want to receive promotional emails from the store promoting their new products, use a disposable address instead of using a work email address. This will get you out of the spam chains. If the store were to get their email address hacked, your real address won't get stolen.
Test your application:
You have just finished programming your web application, and you want to test it before publishing it for sale. You can use a hundred disposable addresses, create dummy accounts rather than hiring unreliable users on the Internet to test the application.
Have two accounts with a web application:
You need another IFTTT account to schedule a second Twitter account to run your marketing site. A new account requires a different email address than the original. To avoid having to manage a new email address, use a new temporary email address at
Eliminate spam:
A disposable address is a very useful tool against spam, especially for users who regularly interact with forms, forums and newsgroups. You can minimize spam by using a disposable email address.
How to choose a disposable email?
A good disposable email provider should :

How to choose a disposable email?
A good disposable email provider should :

Allow the creation of temporary email addresses with the click of a button.
No record or information about the user's identity.
The email address should remain anonymous.
Offer more than one email address (as many as you want)
Offer a temporary storage space for emails (temporary email box at the user's disposal)
Simple and functional design to have sober email.
Offer randomly generated accounts with the possibility for the user to select the address of his choice.
So you can stay spam free and save time with your favorite email service.

How to use a disposable email address?
Some users choose to create disposable email addresses by creating a new email account with a provider such as Gmail. But this solution brings many disadvantages such as managing the creation of new accounts. Users who opt for these free email services create a new account, and thus create a new email address.

It would be easier to have a real email address and a few disposable email addresses created on, all managed from a single account.

The best thing about a disposable email address is that you can forward your correspondence directly to your real email account. In the event that the disposable address is compromised, or you have doubts about one of your contacts, then these mails can be sent directly to the trash. Otherwise they will be sent directly to your real email address box.

To conclude:
Opt for a disposable email address system configured in a great way to make sure that when you participate in wikis, chat rooms, file sharing services and forums your real identity is never disclosed and never sold to anyone to avoid spam.